First week of Matisse Study

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This is our first week of our study with Henri Matisse . I encouraged the students to paint in his style of colorists modern. They all did a super job and this next week, we’ll be doing one of Matisse collages which he did in his later years because he was confined to a wheel chair. 

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  1. The decline of the Fauvist movement after 1906 did not affect the career of Matisse; many of his finest works were created between 1906 and 1917, when he was an active part of the great gathering of artistic talent in Montparnasse, even though he did not quite fit in, with his conservative appearance and strict bourgeois work habits. He continued to absorb new influences. He travelled to Algeria in 1906 studying African art and Primitivism. After viewing a large exhibition of Islamic art in Munich in 1910, he spent two months in Spain studying Moorish art. He visited Morocco in 1912 and again in 1913 and while painting in Tangier he made several changes to his work, including his use of black as a colour. Matisse had a long association with the Russian art collector Sergei Shchukin. He created one of his major works

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